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At Toyzstore our store service provider take the security of our customers very seriously and as such offer a free SSL certificate to all domain names ( on their ecommerce platform without us having to lift a finger. This is provided by Let's Encrypt one of the leading providers of SSL certificates and site security.

How it works:

The objective of Let’s Encrypt and the ACME Protocol is to make it possible to set up an HTTPS server and have it automatically obtain a browser-trusted certificate, without any human intervention. This is accomplished by running a certificate management agent on the web server.

To understand how the technology works, let’s walk through the process of setting up with a certificate management agent that supports Let’s Encrypt.

There are two steps to this process. First, the agent proves to the CA that the web server controls a domain. Then, the agent can request, renew, and revoke certificates for that domain.

Domain Validation:

Let’s Encrypt identifies the server administrator by public key. The first time the agent software interacts with Let’s Encrypt, it generates a new key pair and proves to the Let’s Encrypt CA that the server controls one or more domains. This is similar to the traditional CA process of creating an account and adding domains to that account.

To kick off the process, the agent asks the Let’s Encrypt CA what it needs to do in order to prove that it controls The Let’s Encrypt CA will look at the domain name being requested and issue one or more sets of challenges. These are different ways that the agent can prove control of the domain. For example, the CA might give the agent a choice of either:

  • Provisioning a DNS record under, or
  • Provisioning an HTTP resource under a well-known URI on

Along with the challenges, the Let’s Encrypt CA also provides a nonce that the agent must sign with its private key pair to prove that it controls the key pair.

Requesting challenges to validate

The agent software completes one of the provided sets of challenges. Let’s say it is able to accomplish the second task above: it creates a file on a specified path on the site. The agent also signs the provided nonce with its private key. Once the agent has completed these steps, it notifies the CA that it’s ready to complete validation.

Then, it’s the CA’s job to check that the challenges have been satisfied. The CA verifies the signature on the nonce, and it attempts to download the file from the web server and make sure it has the expected content.

Requesting authorization to act for


What is an SSL certificate?


In technical terms, an SSL (secure sockets layer) is the technology used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. In Lehman's terms, well, it informs consumers that the site they have landed on is fully secure - no nasty business is going on.

What to look for:

  • The domain name is showing no lock symbol - - has no HTTPS:// and no lock symbol
  • This means Your connection to this site is not secure
  • You should not enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards), because it could be stolen by attackers.
  • Please see images below showing various web browsers showing a secure connection


Why is it important for my store to be SSL protected?


77% of website visitors worry that their personal data could be intercepted or misused online (Global Sign Research). You want our customers to feel safe when shopping on our store. With an SSL certificate installed it is made very clear on web browsers that your store is secure

Please see below, images of various browsers and mobile browsers showing Toyzstore is secure