Welcome to our licence world action & toy figures category. Marvel & DC licence quality figures. Schleich’s main objective is to give children exciting and educationally valuable game concepts that spur creativity and imagination and support their development. We assure you that at Schleich they check the design, material and safety with the greatest of care. Only in this way can Schleich fulfil their philosophy and continue to supply high-quality and lovingly designed products that excite children and collectors.
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MARVEL COMICS Spider-Man Sup..
SCHLEICH MARVEL COMICS Spider-Man Superhero Figure - 3+ Years. Hand-painted with lovingly detailed modelling. Spider-Man swings between the skyscrapers of Manhattan on elastic strands of web, battling foul villains and saving people. Fun Fact: A single bite from a radioactive spider turns Peter Parker...
MARVEL COMICS Guardians of t..
SCHLEICH MARVEL COMICS Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Rocket & Groot Superhero Figure - 3+ Years. 3D diorama character from the new film. Packaged in an attractive collectible box a must-have for every MARVEL fan. Fun Fact: Hand-painted with lovingly detailed modelling. Features: Premium Quality Motif: Rocket...
MARVEL COMICS Deadpool Antih..
SCHLEICH MARVEL COMICS Deadpool Antihero Figure - 3+ Years. 3D diorama character. Packaged in an attractive collectible box a must-have for every MARVEL fan. Possibly the most skilled mercenary in the world and definitively the most annoying. The joke-cracking, reference-making, fourth-wall-breaking,...
MARVEL COMICS Captain Americ..
SCHLEICH MARVEL COMICS Captain America Superhero Figure - 3+ YearsHand-painted with lovingly detailed modelling. Captain America is the first Avenger. He fights for justice in the colours of the American flag. He has teamed up with Black Widow and Falcon to track down an evil conspiracy. Fun Fact: Captain...
DC COMICS Justice League Mov..
SCHLEICH DC COMICS Justice League Movie Batman Superhero Figure - 3+ Years. Collectable, stylized hand painted figures, combining superior paint quality and craftsmanship. Bring the action home with Gotham City's very own forceful vigilante, Batman. The crime fighter of the century. Fun Fact: All the...
DC COMICS Justice League Cat..
SCHLEICH DC COMICS Justice League Catwoman Antiheroine Figure - 3+ Years. CATWOMAN is a fantastic thief. She's usually Batman's opponent, but sometimes she fights on his side too. She enjoys the thrilling game of cat and mouse with BATMAN and the police. Fun Fact: CATWOMAN loves cats so much that she...