Slex Rodeobull Now Available
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Slex Rodeobull Now Available
Now available for ToyzstoreSlex Rodeobull Ride on Carver Toy With Horns - 2+ Years. Slex Rodeobull Ride on Carver Toy With Horns - 2+ Years. Rodeobull is the original fun, safe and exciting ride-on carver with horns!

Slex have made it with incline technology, which means you can steer both front and back at the same time: you can make tight curves or wide ones, as you like. But No worries! – ride safely, because Rodeobull is really steady, no matter which curves and rides you prefer!

We have chosen the best wheels we could find, the longboard ones, and the best material to make it solid and beautiful. We wanted bright colours for bright kids! When you are tired of riding around, an adult can pull you along on your Rodeobull with its towing belt – phew! Its great fun, because you can ride Rodeobull both indoors and outdoors: take it with you at the park, or at the nursery, in the playground or at home. No need of batteries, no need of engines – its power is in your own feet! Fit kids just love Rodeobull adventures!

Rodeobull is unique and original with its funny shape and bright colours. You can enjoy it from 2 to 7 years of age.

Rodeobull is also made to last: we made it so sturdy that you can even pass it on to your younger brother or sister, so they can enjoy riding it too!

The Slex ride-on Rodeobull has the features grown-ups want (the safety, the stability, the sturdiness, the durability) and all the cool features kids like (colours! horns! Super-wheels!)
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