Biobuddi Eco Friendly Kids Building Blocks
05/05/2018 - 0 Comments
Biobuddi Eco Friendly Kids Building Blocks

BiOBUDDi is committed to build a better tomorrow, and for this reason develop and makes eco-friendly products. From our biobased materials to their manufacturing in The Netherlands, Biobuddi are raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products. Biobuddi believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through the goods people buy and use every day.

Regulators increasingly warn of unsafe toys that fail to meet safety requirements. The controls have been tightened with more recalls as a result. The desire for environment-friendly and safer toys is greater among parents, according to research.

Biobuddi's new “green” biobased toys are derived from plants. The packaging, stickers, instructions and other materials they use are also eco-friendly. Biobuddi's commitment to sustainability and play is part of their DNA and they hope to inspire others to share in this passion.

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