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Welcome to our Science toys category. Here ou will find a range of Science4you toys which offer a wide variety of Scientific and Educational Toys that are included into some collections depending on their educational purpose. It means that children will be able to have loads of fun while learning all about some different fields such as Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astrology, Agronomy, Ecology, Palaeontology, and much more. All Science4you's Scientific and Educational Toys are included into the STEM toys category which helps kids gain knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by stimulating their skills while they are playing.
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Science4you Crystal Factory ..
Science4you Crystal Factory Kit - 8+ Years. Create your own crystals with the Crystal Factory Kit! Discover what you can do with crystal and enjoy learning its properties with fantastic kit. Kids will have fun with the experiments included such as creating their own crystals with different shapes or...
Science4you Jurassic Island ..
Science4you Jurassic Island - 8+ Years. How was the World thousands of millions of years ago? Find it with the Jurassic Island! Kids will love creating their own Jurassic ecosystem with a volcano erupting and even raising and feeding triops. Create your own little island for dinosaurs with the Jurassic...
Science4you Water Experiment..
Science4you Water Experiments Factory Kit 8 + Years. Do you know what water can do? The Water Experiments Factory contains lot of funny water experiments for kids like making giant soap bubbles! Kids will feel like real scientists while enjoying playing with water! Discover what unknown properties water...
Science4you Water Science Ki..
Science4you Water Science Kit - 6+ Years.Water is the beginning of life, but also a really easy manipulable element. The Water Science include the funniest experiments that you ever could make with water! Kids will enjoy themselves making a tornado, among other experiments, and learning the properties...